How To Setup Your Instagram Page In 4 Steps

It is not as hard as most people think. Instagram is all about treating your page like your very own TV show. INSPIRE, EDUCATE, ENTERTAIN, ENGAGEMENT!

The more you give your viewers consistent content that they love, the more they will watch and tell other people to follow you as well. In order to drive traffic to your website using Instagram, you will first need to create the plan that will allow you to grow your followers effectively.

TASK 1:  Create Your Instagram Plan

  1. Brand Name: What is the name of your Instagram “show”?
  2. Target Audience: What type of people do you want to watch/ follow your Instagram show?
  3. Perception/Branding: What do you want people to feel/think of when they visit your Instagram show?
  4. Content Types: What type of posts does your target audience love the most?
  5. Content Types: What type of posts does your target audience engage the most?
  6. Icon: What type of high quality image will represent your brand and attract your target audience the most?
  7. Bio: What do you promise to offer on your Instagram page and how will people contact you?
  8. Website Link: Where do you want the link in your bio to send your target audience to?
  9. Key Metrics: What key stats will you look at to measure the growth of your Instagram show? (Use
  10. Following: What other instagram pages would you like to follow? What pages inspire you?
  11. Hashtag Targeting: What engaging hashtags does your target audience frequently use that relate to your best content?  (Use to search popular hashtags)


TASK 2:  Setup Your Instagram Page

  1. Create your Instagram page name using the brand name you chose in your Instagram plan
  2. Upload your high quality icon pic you chose in your Instagram plan
  3. Enter your website link into your bio (if you don’t have some form of a website you should development one)
  4. Create the content/posts your audience loves the most that will help brand yourself  (refer to your plan to remember which content that is)
  5. Track your Instagram growth(Use


Now it’s time for ……..

TASK 3:  Get More Likes & Comments On Pics

  1. Like your target audiences pictures often
  2. Comment positive feedback on your target audiences pictures often
  3. Use top hashtags that relate to your post
  4. Write a caption with substance and use emojis for a personal feel
  5. Geo-tag your photos
  6. Smoothly ask people to like your pics
  7. Ask questions in the caption that will influence replies in the comments
  8. Know the best times  to post your content to your audience ( 5 PM, PST, on Monday)
  9. Be personal and show off your personality
  10. Post high quality images


Now it’s time for ……..


TASK 4:  Consistently Grow Your Followers

  1. Partner with other Instagram pages similar to yours and cross promote each other
  2. Ask your followers to re-post your tips, quotes, advice and top content on their Instagram pages.
  3. Run contest and giveaways. (i.e Must follow you  or #hashtag for a chance to win)
  4. Search for other instagram pages in your industry that have a lot of followers and analyze what they do
  5. DON’T turn people off
  6. DON’T over post selfies  
  7. DON’T dump all of your photos into your feed at once!
  8. DON’T post unappealing photos
  9. DON’T post too many memes.
  10. DON’T use every pic to promote your website, products or services posts.
  11. DON’T do too many re posts of giveaways or product mentions.
  12. DON’T post too many photos of the same thing.
  13. DO have fun and be yourself.  


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About the author: Matty J Ade is lead branding consultant at Digital Brandz and very passionate about sharing information with people


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