The 5 Easy Steps To Build Undeniable Trust In Sales

No matter what industry you are in, experience has taught me to look at myself as a doctor. Doctor’s are one of the  most trusted people on earth and a key ingredient in sales is TRUST.

Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office, met the doctor for the first time & ever question his ability to help you? Probably never right? I asked myself why & realized their process.

What do doctors do when you sit in their office? I’ll tell you, 5 main steps: 1. They Interview 2. Examin 3. Diagnose 4. Teach & 5. Treat.

A 5 step process most business owners do not do! Most business owners THINK they know every individual’s problem and go straight to trying to treat them. A super fail that leaves you wondering why people do not buy  your great products/services that actually work .

What does a real doctor do? We have:

1. ?The Interview
The doctor will ask a series of questions that will allow a patient to speak to him. This line of communication starts the process of understanding them. When someone feels like you understand them, they begin to trust you.

2. ?The Exam
After the patient voices their problems(symptoms), the doctor will then perform a series of tests to get an inside look (insights). More trust is being developed .

3. ?The Diagnosis
The doctor will now use the info from the exam, his expert knowledge and his past experiences to understand what is causing the problems that the patient is having .

4. ?The Knowledge
This is when the doctor communicates to the patient what the problems may be, what’s causing the problems and recommend the best options on how to fix the them. He’ll do this in a relatable way that will have the patient think “Damn that makes sense!” More trust is being developed .

5. ?The Treatment
This is when the doctor offers treatment to help the patient fix the problems. Because the patient trusts the doctor, the patient will do whatever is advised.  This may include prescribed drugs and surgery depending on how severe the problem. Once the treatment is taken care of, the doctor will  educate the patient on how to prevent the problems from reoccurring and then continuously check up on the patient.


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About the author: Matty J Ade is lead branding consultant at Digital Brandz and very passionate about sharing information with people


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