The 7 Stages On How To Turn Shoppers To Raving Fans



1. ?You start with SUSPECTS which are people that fit into what you have defined as your target market .

2. ?Once the SUSPECT becomes interested in your product or service and makes an inquiry, you would move the person up to the #PROSPECT level .

3. ?Next, a SHOPPER would be a person that buys once from you, but has not yet determined that you are a brand he or she wants to do business with again.
If the business buys more than once, then the SHOPPER becomes a#CUSTOMER .

4. ?Once the CUSTOMER becomes a consistent buyer of your products and services, you then should offer incentives and privileges to them so that they become #MEMBERS, and no longer look at other brands for competitive products or services.

5. ?MEMBERS do business with you because of the RELATIONSHIP and TRUST that you have BUILT not your prices .

6. ?An ADVOCATE is where your MEMBERS begin selling for you through REAL testimonials and referrals .

7. ?An ADVOCATE becomes a RAVING FAN when he/she cannot stop selling for you. Anytime a RAVING FAN is out in the community they are promoting you to everyone about how dope your brand is.

Now, here are two important questions:
1. ?How many RAVING FANS do you have in your brand?
2. ?What would happen to your business if you moved everyone in your database up one level? .

The real money does’t fly in by bringing more SUSPECTS or PROSPECTS into your brand, moving MEMBERS to ADVOCATES and then to RAVING FANS brings in the mula .

BUSINESS OWNERS! As an assignment, go into your prospect and customer database and determine how many businesses you have at each level .

Trust me when I say you will create a real lifestyle brand once you begin to implement the 7 levels of loyalty


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About the author: Matty J Ade is lead branding consultant at Digital Brandz and very passionate about sharing information with people


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